Our Sustainable Approach draft – Mankula Swim

Our Sustainable Approach draft

Fabric: All our swimwear pieces are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon. The process starts by collecting waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth , and recovering the nylon found from such matter. From there, the nylon is regenerated and purified back to its original form to be used for the garment and textile industries. Why we love it? ECONYL® regenerated nylon has the potential to be recycled infinitely, helping close the fashion loop and avoiding leftover waste from clothing. The fabric is sourced from Italy, made to last with proper care. 

Ethical Practice: We are conscious with the choices we make, and that includes our production process. Our swimwear is manufactured in a zero-waste facility based in Bali, Indonesia where the working environment exceeds the minimum labor standards. All employees are paid above the minimum wage and are offered comprehensive health insurance for themselves and their families.

Thoughtfully Packaged: Plastic found in shipping only accounts to more plastic already found in the ocean (as if it was not a big issue already!). We have chosen to ship orders in 100% compostable mailers and the swimwear to be packaged in biodegradable tapioca bags. 

The Future: As we continue to grow, we are continuously looking for ways to become more sustainable. One of our future initiatives is to implement our own recycling program. 

Thank you for supporting our mission!